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Ordinances Reminder


Please be reminded of our ordinances in reference to tall grass/weeds, rubbish and burning. Thank you, The Village of Riverton

§ 130.056  FIRES.

            (A)       It shall be unlawful and is declared a nuisance to build or light any fire so close to any building or other structures as to endanger such building or structure, or any street or sidewalk pavement.

            (B)       It shall be unlawful to build or light a fire which creates or causes pollution of the air, noxious fumes or a nuisance by its fumes, smoke or spreading ash.

            (C)       It shall be unlawful and is declared a nuisance to burn any hazardous substances or to build or light a fire which emits any toxic or hazardous emissions.

            (D)       It is unlawful to leave any open fire unattended.

            (E)       It is unlawful to build or light a fire, or let a fire burn or smolder one hour or more after sundown or when wind conditions are such that the fire presents a danger to the public safety.

            (F)       Nothing in this section shall preclude the building of non-toxic, nor reasonable, fires for outdoor recreation; provided that, such fires shall be responsibly attended and shall be fully extinguished by 10:00 p.m.

(Prior Code, § 130.018)  (Ord. 88-015, passed 11-15-1988)  Penalty, see § 130.999



                        (1)       Trees, shrubs, bushes, WEEDS,  or plants permitted to grow on premises adjacent to any street, alley, or other public way, in a manner as to obstruct the view and endanger traffic conditions;


                        (2)       WEEDS and dead or dying trees or bushes, stumps, and roots, on land within the village; and


RUBBISH.  Any unsightly material, waste products, refuse, debris, trash, or waste lumber deposited, left, piled or scattered that may become a breeding place for insects, rodents, or vermin, or that may give off unpleasant odors or create a health or fire hazard where located.