Review the following community information and quick links regarding Riverton, Illinois.

RIVERTON'S MUNICIPAL CODE - The complete, up to date ordinances of the Village. This document includes the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and all other regulations of the village.

ILLINOIS MUNICIPAL CODE - The State of Illinois laws for municipalities in Illinois.

RIVERTON BOARD MEETING MINUTES - The accepted Minutes of the Village of Riverton Board.

VILLAGE FEES - Fees for various village services including fees for utility service, meter deposits, etc.

VILLAGE FORMS - Downloadable and printable forms (building permit, Senior Citizen Electric rate, etc.)

VILLAGE DATA - A link to a website that includes demographic, geographic, maps, statistics and other interesting data on the Village of Riverton

VILLAGE MAP - Map of Riverton, Illinois. 

VILLAGE ZONING MAP - The zoning districts of the Village of Riverton.

PARKS - The public parks in Riverton.

SANGAMON COUNTY MULTI-JURISDICTIONAL NATURAL HAZARDS MITIGATION PLAN - The plan provides an assessment of the risks to Sangamon County from natural hazard events and a comprehensive range of mitigation projects to lessen the impact of these hazards on our communities.

RIVERTON SCHOOL DISTRICT #14 - A link to the Riverton Public Schools website.

RIVERTON FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT - A link to the Riverton Area Fire Protection Districts website.

CLEAR LAKE TOWNSHIP - A link to the website of Clear Lake Township.

SOUTH COUNTY PUBLICATIONS - Publisher of the Riverton Register and other local newspapers

HOUSING INFORMATION - Information on housing in Riverton, including rentals, builders and realtors.

COMMUNITY CONTACTS - Telephone listings for area services.