The purpose of the Riverton Police Department is to Serve The Public Of The Community And Prevent Crime. The police protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction to be free from criminal attack, to be secure in their possessions and to live in peace. The Department serves the people of Riverton by performing the law enforcement function in a professional manner and it is to those people that the Department is ultimately responsible.

The Police Dept. participates in R.I.S.E (Responsibility Increases Student Excellence) and employs a full time School Resource Officer. The Riverton Police Department currently has 8 full time police officers. FOR ANY POLICE EMERGENCY DIAL 9-1-1. The Police Departments non-emergency phone number is 217-629-9800.

Our Riverton Police Chief is Bob Crouch. E-mail the Chief at

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Mission Statement

It will be the mission of the Riverton Police Department to serve all people with respect, fairness, and compassion. We are committed to the protection of life and property; the preservation of peace, order, and safety; the vigorous enforcement of local, state and federal laws; and the defense of the Constitution of the State of Illinois and the Constitution of the United States of America in a fair and impartial manner. We will strive to provide professional service to all citizens and be prepared for emergency responses by ethical means and training.

We are committed to serving our community to enhance the quality of life and to nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics. Our officers are determined to serve as a deterrent to crime, develop relationships with the community, residential and business organizations, and promote an environment receptive to visitors and residents alike.

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